Icon for Post #622 Rapunzel Princess Nail Spa

It is time that Rapunzel Princess goes to have nail spa and she will do nail salon every week. The cold weather made her skin bad so she also need someone help for the hand skin care.

Icon for Post #620 Rapunzel Princess Baby Shower

Rapunzel Princess now is taking care of her new baby and the baby need someone help her take the shower everyday.

Icon for Post #618 Ben 10 Eyes Care

Ben 10 boy has many skills especially his eyes. He can see far away than everyone.

Icon for Post #616 Baby Nose Doctor Care

The cute baby is crying so she must meet some problems, we checked and find that the baby has some problems with her nose and let us call the doctor for checking.

Icon for Post #613 Sofia Nose Problems

Princess Sofia got a cold and she feels uncomfortable with her nose so that she know that is not because the cold.

Icon for Post #611 Baby Cute Little Pony

Cute baby little pony’s hair become long and dirty and I need take care of her and clear the bad hair. I will clean up the hair first and make it short.

Icon for Post #609 Frozen Anna New Baby Girl

Frozen Anna can not go to sleep because she is excited to take care of her new born baby girl. The father Kristoff also become busy and he will do all housework.

Icon for Post #606 Beautiful Princess Hair Salon

Beauty princess has beautiful long hair that every girl admire. Today she will have the hair cut and design a more attractive one.

Icon for Post #604 Baby Hazel Sibling Surprise

It is time for Baby Hazel stay with her cute small brother and Baby Hazel also has many ideas to make sibling surprise.

Icon for Post #602 Cute Baby DIY Hat

Baby girl is smart and she learned how to make a DIY hat. She collected many colorful woolen and start with begining.